In this time of travel restrictions I take great pleasure in working on my photos of beautiful moments of the past. To bring out the best in these photos, careful image-editing is of utmost importance. Over the last two decades I have perfected my skills in this regard.

For all photo-enthusiasts who want to use the time gained by the current restrictions to take up image-editing, or want to learn more, I am now offering two online workshops using Adobe Lightroom in English:  

An introductory session (one evening) and an advanced workshop (two evenings). Both workshops are restricted to a maximum of 8 participants. This will allow us to discuss individual questions.

Introduction:   Fr. 4.12.   from 6.30 to 9.30 (with a short break)     

Advanced Workshop:  Thurs. 10.12.  +   Fr. 11.12   both evenings from 6.30 to 9.30 (with a short break)

Next years workshop:            Introduction:   Mo. 18.1.         Advanced:   Thurs. 21.1., Thurs. 28.1.                                       

There are also a few places still available for the workshops held in German in January (11.1., 14. & 20.1.)  

Costs are  € 38.- (Introduction) and € 68.- (Advance, 2 evenings).

The cost for all three sessions is € 99.-

If you are interested to join, please send the application-form below. You will then receive further details on the workshops.

To join you need a laptop or computer with a headset and internet connection. We will use the “Zoom” Platform.

If you install the Adobe Lightroom programme in advance (there is a free 7 day try-out version) you can try out all the editing steps on the pictures supplied by me, directly on your computer – learning by doing!

I am certain that after this workshop you will enjoy photo editing so much more and achieve stunning results!

Here is an example for before/after editing, the image was taken in Iceland just before darkness, drag the slider and see what you can do with it:


Workshop Application Form